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Festival Tours

Festival Tours that will make the end of summer memorable!

July 12, 2022

Are you looking for a festival that will make the end of summer memorable? Do you want to discover Quebec’s regions, a new culture, or simply have fun with family and friends? Here are four collections that are sure to add colour and warmth to your summer.

Your Labour Day Weekend

Labour Day weekend is known as the time when we bid farewell to summer. Why not take advantage of it to get your fill of music, circus arts, exhibitions, or visual arts to decompress before going back to school or to work ? This collection of festivals has something for everyone since it offers more classic festivities such as concerts, but it will also please festival-goers looking for something more original. There are festivals dedicated to puppetry, accordion players, and street art. Everyone will find something to their liking and come back fully recharged for the fall ahead!

Rhythms of the World

Since the pandemic hit, the taste for adventure has increased tenfold. Are you still feeling it even after having taken a trip this summer? Don’t worry, you can still travel to the four corners of the world with this collection of festivals. From here to October, there are many festivals in Quebec that allow you to discover new traditions and exotic sounds, or simply to celebrate the culture of different peoples.

Dog-friendly festivals

Although man’s best friend is not necessarily a festival’s best friend, certain festivals organize their activities so that festival-goers can experience them with their canine pal. This collection of festivals not only allows you to take in some culture outdoors with your dog but also to meet and talk with like-minded people. As a bonus, your friendly pup won’t be taking advantage of your absence to chew the legs off the coffee table!

Breathtaking Views

Some people can only appreciate art when they are surrounded by breathtaking scenery. If beautiful scenery helps you appreciate the music during a performance, this collection is for you! You’ll find all the festivals that will satisfy your desire to get away in picture-perfect settings across Quebec and your thirst for culture! This is a great opportunity to do both at once!