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May 22 until June 05, 2024

Festival TransAmériques

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Dance, theater, creation, the unique, the timeless, the exceptional, the beautiful! It's a feast for your eyes and ears that crowns all your springs. Like the season when everything bursts out of a winter sleep, the FTA unfolds and offers a generous palette of performances that reaches out to your soul. Over the course of a few days, you'll wander from one stage to the next in the midst of great emotions, under the new sky, in the heart of the city. That's what the ATF is all about!

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About the Festival TransAmériques

Since 1985, the Festival TransAmériques has relied on the inventiveness of artists and their works, and on the expansion of the imaginary. Committed to contemporary theater and dance, the event offers performances and welcomes artists driven by the importance of the present. Through strong words, original scenic writing, moving bodies, vivid and sometimes unknown languages, the Festival brings to light the reality in all its complexity. Festival-goers are the sensitive heart of the FTA, and generations of artists and spectators share a unique sense of belonging. The Festival creates encounters linking emotion to knowledge, performance to life and artists to the audience. And every spring, the FTA returns as a celebration, inviting its audience to honor an art to defy the confusion of the world.

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